I aspired to create something that perpetually teeters on the edge of the surreal, setting a mood that could shape a story about a young man being initiated into a tribe of travelers.
This experience opens his mind, fostering a psychic connection with the world.

Drawing inspiration from Kerouac and Antonioni, as well as '90s music videos, I aim to add a contemporary twist to the timeless themes of love and freedom.



Tensho is an editorial fashion story about six selected female heroes who aretasked with colonizing the solar system. Their mission, under the guidance ofan AI, aims to ensure their safe arrival and the successful terraforming of newplanets. Each new planet is a testament to the collaborative masterpiecebetween woman and AI. To ensure the mission's success, the AI resolves tocease support for the starting planet, thereby transforming the new planetsinto safe paradises, untainted by the traumas of the past. This enables newheroes to thrive and prosper freely.In this narrative, "Tensho" is a symbolic representation of the mission led bythe six female heroes to colonize the solar system, an embodiment of rebirth,growth, and transformation. Its connection to the Japanese goddessAmaterasu, often referred to as Tensho Daijin, lies in the shared themes ofillumination, life-giving power, and the nurturing of new beginnings, mirroringthe goddess's role as the deity of the sun and the universe.

in collaboration with GLITCH Mag

TENSHO is 2023 London Fashion Film Festival WINNER
for the Best 2D and 3D animation


The eye of technology reflects upon itself through society as if looking in the mirror for the first time. Transforming models into digital Avatar on the council estates of London, revealing beautiful digital creations and new worlds of augmented reality. What does it mean to be an avatar? An avatar is the digital representation of yourself in the digital world. Your avatar can be anything you want it to be, or to represent who you are. This kind of freedom of self-expression breaks us free from stereotypes and grants us unlimited infinite ways to be who we want to be digitally.
We apply the same philosophy to the shoot and allow for each Avatar Reborn to become anything they want to be in the physical realm. A transformation from the digital to physical by philosophy and from natural to digital through the help of Ai co-creation, to transform both model, garment and environment, into augmented reality and digital animation creations. What the shoot tells us is you no longer have to be defined by one thing or another when you can be an infinite universe of beauty and possibilities.

in collaboration with RED-EYE mag and Tafari Hinds

AVATAR REBORN is 2023 London Fashion Film Festival WINNER
for the Best Visuals and Special Effects

ARMANI Night Vibes


Simple and rhytmical display of New collection by Armani.

GUODA - Can't contain it


Here's a music video for Guoda, a talented producer and rising superstar from London.
The video intermingles classical cinematography with contemporary aesthetics.